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Ausbildung in der Taoistischen Heilmassage 8.-9.September
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Du suchst einen Raum für deine Arbeit als Masseurinnen, Therapeut, Heilpraktiker ?
in 2 Räumen in unserer Praxis in Riem ist noch Platz sich dort für einzelne feste Tage einzumieten




English informations


 A short Information for our english speaking guests

Contact for massages from english spoken female masseur

Sarasa phone: 0049 172.8585280  info  [et] manawamassage.de
Cornelia phone 0049 172 830 4589  Cornelia.Strobl [at] gmx.de

Tantra-Institut Jembatan - massages and bodywork
Bahnhofstr. 30, 85609 Dornach, Gemeinde Aschheim Germany
Next to the (S-Bahn) station Munich/Riem (S2) in the east of Munich, 5 minutes from the trade center

Our Tantric massage during between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. Information for the prices.


We wish to welcome our English-speaking guests – men and women
to our Tantric-Institute Jembatan in Munich-Riem, near the Munich trade center.

Here, you will find various kinds of massage, workshops and authentic bodywork.
More than wellness massage: massage with a healing touch.

In Indonesian, Jembatan means bridge. Our work is like a bridge, connecting body and soul.

We give these massages, with our professional experience and from our hearts:

Tantric massage

Based on Far East traditions, Tantric massage celebrates our body as a temple of our soul. This is a form of energy massage, with good almond oil for your whole body, including the lingam and yoni (the Sanskrit words for the male and female genitalia).

Let yourself fall into a deep feeling for your body and your being. This might be also be a spiritual journey.

When two persons are naked, this creates an erotic atmosphere. But Tantric massage is not primarily erotic massage. It is a form of massage which awakens your basic energy. It distributes your sexual energy over your entire body, giving you more life energy. It makes your life more intensive.

For this, you must be passive during the massage. Receive this gift of our awareness and love. We give Tantric massage in a playful, unintentional manner. This is totally different than normal sexual experience, where often an orgasm is the goal. The deeper purpose of this massage is to let us feel our sexual energy in our whole body, from the toes to our fingers. And to feel here and now the real life, the breathing of our life's breath. This is ecstasy as a being of our daily existence.

We offer no sex, no sexual games, no mutual touching.

We give Tantric massages from women to men, men to men, men to women, women to women and also for couples.

For women: Women are discovering Tantric massage as an opportunity to feel more like a woman. To feel more ecstatic lust; to heal painful experiences with men; to heal something unknown located in the yoni's body memory. Or simply to relax in an Oriental setting, enjoying the tender touches of our hands, feathers and warm oil. Yoni massage can be part of a Tantric massage session. You should reserve plenty of time for these experiences, which are often new and deep.

For couples: It is a good experience for two persons in a relationship to enjoy a massage together. We start together with tea and a feel together#. Then, you will receive your own massages in separate rooms. Thereafter, you will have time to lie together. So see this as a chance to celebrate your relationship - to breathe new life into your marriage.


Taoistic massage

Tao massage is the slow sister of Tantric massage – like slow food. It is a well profound creation, consisting of over 50 strokes and resting positions. You will fall into deep awareness of your body and into a very soft kind of ecstasy. It is a powerful, moving experience.

Tao massage takes 2 or 2½ hours.


Tantra-Institut Jembatan - massages and bodywork
Bahnhofstr. 30
85609 Dornach, Gemeinde Aschheim Germany

massage from english spoken female masseur

Sarasa phone: 0049 172.8585280  info  [et] manawamassage.de
Cornelia phone 0049 172 830 4589  Cornelia.Strobl [at] gmx.de


You will find us near the commuter train (S-Bahn) station Riem-Dornach (S2) in the east of Munich, 5 minutes from the trade center.

For a massage, you need to have an appointment. Please call a few days beforehand, if possible and ask for the english spoken masseur or masseuse.

Our institut is opened from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Please don’t come by without an appointment and ring the bell. This way, we can give our guests massages without interruptions.

Public transport: Yo can get to our institute via Munich public transport:

The commuter train line S2 (S-Bahn) leaves the main station every 20 minutes. It leaves the station Munich-Ost (East) every 10 minutes. When you arrive in München-Riem, simply take the underpass under the tracks. On your left, you will see Aturio, a golden statue of a naked man located directly in front of our house. Go around the fence and enter the private parking area. You are there!

From the trade center, take a taxi or bus number 190 or 263.

By car:

Navigation equipment will normally stop 100 meters before our studio. So continue until the circle at the bus stop. Drive directly into the private parking area of a small industrial zone, and you will see our red old house.

Thank you for your interest.

We will look forward to seeing you in our institute

 A lot of good informations about the tantric massage you will find
by our friends of Ananda and Spiritual Tantra